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About Welshdoodles

We have chosen to breed only a handful of well-planned litters per year, giving us the designation of “hobby breeder”.  This is very different from the term “backyard breeder”.  Our parent dogs are carefully selected for their health and temperament.  Great care is given in choosing and raising our dogs.  A hobby breeder is also different than a commercial kennel in that we give individualized attention to our dogs and puppies.  Since producing excellent, healthy, and well-behaved dogs is our goal, we maintain high standards of care for both our parent dogs and puppies.

We are committed to raising healthy, well-socialized dogs.  We stay current with any new information regarding raising dogs.  Our dogs live in our home 24/7.  The pups are born and raised in our home, as well.  When they are born, we identify each pup with colored collars.  Their weight is tracked daily and we socialize them with other dogs, cats and children.  They are bathed regularly plus exposed to all types of household and outdoor sounds for neural stimulation.  Pups receive a deworming series at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.  Dew claws are removed and their first set of vaccinations are given.  Pups stay in our home with their mom until they reach at least eight weeks of age.  Along with your new companion, you will receive a bag of premium puppy food, a Continental Kennel Club (CKC) registration application, a blanket, a toy and a booklet full of helpful information about getting started with your new pup at home.

In total, our family has sixteen years of breeding experience. We are absolutely in love with Goldendoodles. 

We firmly believe our puppies grow into loving, loyal companions that bring immense joy to the families raising them and that’s what gives us such passion as hobby breeders.  We want to “share the love” of these wonderful dogs with caring and compassionate families such as yours.

(Please see the useful information under our “Why Goldendoodles?” tab!)

Depending on your location and needs, delivery of your new pup via airline can be arranged or we can bring your new pup to you within a reasonable area of our home.  Please let us know if you require special delivery services.

We always have references available upon your request.

January 5, 2019